October 2005

Greetings Dear Hearts,

For our October newsletter, I have a story to share with you and a request from Christ Maitreya to print an excerpt from his chapter in my next book “Gifts from the Ascended Masters of Light – Journeys into the Inner Realms of Consciousness.


Christ Maitreya

Christ Maitreya is the World Teacher. He is the leader of a hierarchy of Masters of Wisdom. Christ Maitreya is the master who is awaited for by many religions of the world. Christians await him as the second coming of the Christ, Jews as the Messiah, Muslims as Imam Mahdi, Buddhists as Maitreya Buddha and Hindus as Krishna. This long awaited master has taken a physical body and presently resides in the Middle Eastern section of London’s Marble Arch.

Last week we were awaiting the arrival of the second hurricane to hit the Gulf Coast of the US. The news had forecasted it coming to Houston, Texas where I currently reside. The Masters of Wisdom assured me that it would miss Houston. We therefore decided to stay home and rough it out. Our young friend Avonne came to stay with us and told me a story about her recent visit to a spiritual book store in London.

During a reading, Mother Mary told Avonne that Quan Yin would be watching over her and making surprise visits to her during her trip to Europe. Not knowing the connection between Quan Yin and the Buddha, she was surprised to see statues of the Buddha greet her almost every day of her trip. She was not familiar with the image of the sitting Buddha or the meditating Buddha and did not know that Quan Yin is the female aspect of Buddha. When she saw a statue of Buddha in the book store, she decided to investigate further.

Once inside, she is greeted by a man from India with very sweet energy. He tells Avonne about the Buddha and that he is the epitome of the energy of compassion. Avonne tells him about her experience with Mother Mary and offers him a set of the pictures she took of Mary (see the Fall Equinox 2005 newsletter for this story). Avonne left the store happy and fully charged. Two weeks later she returned to the store to bring this man a printout of the equinox newsletter only to find a very different energy in the store. She is greeted by an unfriendly young man who when asked where the Indian salesman is, tells her that no one by that description works in the store. Upon her insistence, he becomes annoyed and tells her that pictures of all the people who work in the store are posted on the back wall. There was no sign of her friend in any of those pictures. Puzzled and confused, Avonne left the store.

When Avonne told me this story, I wondered how far this store was from Marble Arch where Christ Maitreya is believed to reside. Her response was “the end of the block.” In the early hours of the morning I sat to meditate and thank the Masters for their protection from the storm. Christ Maitreya appeared to me and confirmed that the event in the store was orchestrated by him. He then requested of me that this newsletter be devoted to him.

His desire is that we say the prayer of the Great Invocation as many times as we can during the hours of day and night and for all of us to share the energy of his presence with others through this prayer. You can find a link to the Great Invocation at the end of this newsletter. Christ Maitreya also asks that you do the meditation “In the Presence of Christ Maitreya” included below. The chapter on Christ Maitreya is now posted on my web site. That link, ‘Gifts Book III: Christ Maitreya’ is at the end of this newsletter.

A great book on Christ Maitreya and the Masters of Wisdom with pictures of Christ Maitreya’s appearance in Kenya in 1988 is “Extraordinary Times, Extraordinary Being: Experiences of an American Diplomat with Maitreya and the Masters of Wisdom” by Wayne S. Peterson. This book is available at Mr. Peterson’s website, www.waynepeterson.com. The image of Christ Maitreya is courtesy of Share International.

Meditation: In the Presence of Christ Maitreya

Close your eyes for a moment and go deep within your own self. Feel yourself in the presence of the great assembly of the ascended masters and the energies of Christ Maitreya. Remember that you are merging and uniting with the essence of Christ Maitreya, the World Teacher.

We offer all that we receive for the healing of Mother Earth and all humankind. We call upon the pillar of light, the ascended hosts of light, the cosmic beings of light and the cosmic light to hold us inside a bubble of pure white light. Only the highest and the purest of truth will be received and spoken through each one of us from this moment on.

Envision from the space of your heart chakra, that you are spinning the energies of the heart, spinning them and sending them upward. Envision from your solar plexus center (around the belly button) the golden light of the soul is spinning upward from within you. Envision from the area of your thymus gland (two to three inches below your throat) the energies of the cosmic heart where your spirit resides are spinning and spiraling upwards. And envision from the brain area the energies of the mind. These are all spiraling: the mind, the heart, the cosmic heart, the spirit, and the soul are spinning outward and upward.

In The Presence of The I AM that I AM we invoke the highest aspect of Metatron that each one of us can hold and receive, to come through into our bodies so each one of us can receive the highest vibration of Metatronic light. The heart, the mind, the spirit, the soul, the cosmic heart are spiraling upward and outward from our merging with the energies of Christ Maitreya.

You are inside the essence and the being of Christ Maitreya. Christ Maitreya is that essence which ultimately we will all hold as our Higher Self. It is a consciousness that brings the recognition that you can attain Mastery, and we are all united in oneness with God. As we spiral upward in the cylinder of light, we come before The Presence of The I AM that I AM. I AM that I AM is the presence of God in form. When you release all karma and are free from it you will step into levels of Mastery and merge into oneness in the essence of the I AM that I AM. Enlightenment comes after full Mastery is achieved. When you attain full enlightenment, you will live in total oneness with that Presence at all times. That is when God Unity is achieved. Become aware of The Presence of The I AM that I AM and know that you have been brought to this point through the grace and intercession of Christ Maitreya.

Be still in this position and take a deep breath. Allow the energies to fill your body and your being. Sit in meditation for as long as you can and energize yourself with the heightened energies.

In your own mind become aware that the transmission is taking place by the ascended masters and mistresses of light, headed by Christ Maitreya.

We ask that every person who does this meditation benefit from the healing that is being administered. We would extend it further and say anyone that we have ever met and touched in any way, and everyone that we will continue to meet and touch can and will benefit from these high level energies if their Higher Self would allow it, if their I Am Presence would consider it right for them.

Mention your loved ones, and ask for physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health in the body, mind, emotions, and spirit for yourself, your loved ones and for your group. All that we’ve done is in service to light. So think of people, and put them in this triangle of light. Don’t worry if you have 60 people creating a triangle. Our intention is to create triangles of light. We leave it in the hands of the masters exactly what the formation of the triangle might be.

Take a deep breath.

Just feel the difference in the energy charge that is coming through. The texture of the energies has a different feel to it. It is very Christ-like. It feels the same way that it does when we go to the presence of the brotherhoods and the sisterhoods of the white lodge.

Take a deep breath.

Envision the presence of Christ Maitreya standing face to face with you. Take a deep breath and pause to still your mind and focus your heart in receiving Christ Maitreya.

And if it feels right in your heart, envision that you step into his presence as though you’re going to walk into his body. Enter into the etheric body and essence of Christ Maitreya. Pause for a moment and bathe in the Christ energies.

Say a prayer, ask for a gift, offer yourself in service to him and to the Masters of Wisdom. Offer your service to the light of the I AM through his intercession. Become still and feel the energies, and ask for a sign, a symbol, a word, a thought.

Be patient. If you don’t receive a symbol the first time ask again, and pray with a sincere heart and an open mind that you can feel his presence and that he will show you the way to serve the light.

When you feel you are complete, thank The Presence of The I AM that I AM. Bless the presence of Christ Maitreya and ask that he guide you and protect you from this moment on and through the rest of this life in the name of the I AM that I AM.

Take a deep breath and return to normal consciousness by feeling your energy return to your body. Shake your hands and your feet. Move about and enjoy the journey of discovery which awaits you.

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