November 2005

Greetings Dear Hearts,

For this month’s newsletter, I have picked a beautiful, healing exercise from Saint Germain, the Chohan of the Seventh Ray – the Violet Ray of Transmutation. There is also an excerpt from the teachings of Metatron, and Sanat Kumara our planetary logos who bring us the great news of new energies of light entering Earth. To introduce you to Sanat Kumara, I include in this newsletter excerpts from my newly published book Gifts III From the Masters of Light – Journeys into the Inner Realms of Consciousness.


Metatron and Sanat Kumara – Channeled October 24, 2005

As of November 2, 2005, we will be entering into a new level of light called the photonic light. The particles of this light are smoother and finer in quality and nature than the light we have been working with so far. This light is four times more powerful in penetrating through obstacles. Sanat Kumara gave the following example about photonic light:

“We are entering into an arena where photonic light operates. The experience is somewhat like moving through a ball made of clouds compared to moving through a ball of hard rock. Photonic light is much finer in terms of density. It is less than a quarter of the density you experience on Earth at this present time. This means that whatever resistance you would feel from the elements of Air, Earth, Fire and Water in the present density would be four times lighter in the photonic light which we are about to enter.”

“Although photonic light has the capacity of much greater light, we will enter into this phase slowly. We gradually absorb and digest up to four times the light. Then we will plateau at that point for a long enough period of time to make the entire planet experience the new vibration. First you will feel this new energy. As you feel it, you will anchor it into the energy body of the planet. As the body of the planet seals it, the elements begin to embody it. As the elements embody it, the domino effect will spread to all the souls who can replicate humankind. When the entire planet can embody it, we will move to the next level.”

“The refined vibration will penetrate into the obstacles and dissolve it. Right now, while you are still living in the dense vibration, your encounter with obstacles is like moving your body through a hard rock the size of a boulder. You feel the contact and its impact. In a short time, when you move into the refined energy, the experience would be as though your body is moving through a similar sized ball of cloud. Your body will lose density and become lighter, but more importantly, energies in your environment will shift. Because we are moving through energies whose molecular structures are of greater light, there will be much less resistance which translates to moving through obstacles with greater ease and speed.”

St Germain

Ball of Light in the Heart to Initiate a New Phase of Spiritual Evolution

Saint Germain – Channeled September 9, 2005

My dear hearts I am St. Germain.

Take a deep breath and hold your energy in the center of your heart. Today I will give you a shield. Envision in front of your personal heart a blazing disc of light the size of a basketball. It is emanating golden white light. Envision that I stand facing you and this ball of light is emanating between our hearts. Envision now a shaft or pillar of light that connects from the center of this ball to the center of your heart and to the center of my heart. The love from my heart moves to this ball and from the ball into your heart. The ball begins to spin. This spin becomes faster and faster until it explodes. When the ball explodes the emanations of light will be penetrated into your own heart and into my own heart. From that emanation our hearts will unite and you will move into a new phase of your spiritual evolution. I am Saint Germain.

Do this exercise everyday for 22 days and call upon the presence of Saint Germain.

Picture of St Germain courtesy of the St Germain Foundation.

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