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Nasrin Safai

Dear Friends, For this month, we have a great meditation to get up close and even more personal with Divine Mother and bathe in her heart and her Copper Gold Light. We also have 2 courses for you this month. The first is on July 12 in honor of Divine Mother on a special day known as Guru Purnima, the second is a new Series with new Cosmic Beings here to help with the healing process. [ Read more ]

Path to Enlightenment Mystery School

Spiritual Features

PTE MS Divine Mother's Healing & Manifestation Series PH 1

In this series, Divine Mother will work with Cosmic Beings new to us that have committed to assist in our continuing healing process. It is essential that we clear and cleanse another layer of dross in order to work with Sanat Kumara, the Planetary Logos, in our next series. This healing & Manifestation Series is the precursor to the long awaited journeys with Sanat Kumara Series to follow. [Read more or register]

New at Waves of Bliss

Surfing Realities - A Practical Guide to Understanding the Nature of Reality and How to Enhance Yours.

Now Available In Book Store. - Fact or fantasy, real or imagined, there is always a new way to look at everything. Always has been, always will be. As each new concept (every new concept seems like fantasy at first) is gradually understood and “anchored” into this Reality by the masses, that no-longer-new concept provides a foundation upon which the next new concept will be built. .
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Spiritual Features

Introducing Opus Gaia

We invite you all to visit Opus Gaia's new site, www.OpusGaia.com.

Our very own Adora Winquist, a Team Member at Waves of Bliss and PTE Mystery school founded Opus Gaia™, the Mother company to all the Rhiamon Energy Essentials™ Aromatherapy Oils and Synergistic Blends and Trinity Spa Essentials™ Cosmetics, Massage Oils and many other Spa related products. [Read more...]